good. fresh. food.

good. fresh. food.

good. fresh. food.good. fresh. food.good. fresh. food.

Espresso, gourmet blend coffees, freshly baked goods daily. 

Check out our seasonal coffee and espresso specials!

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About Us

Can't Wait For Thanksgiving Sandwich.

Freshly made. All day.

Gourmet coffee brewed fresh all day.  Espresso drinks made to order.  Over a dozen tea's steeped to order.  

Seasonal specialty espresso drinks and baked good! 

Seasonal sandwich and baked good specials.


Stay Awhile - Or Not!

Connect with free wifi - (In your car, outside the shop!).  Or, disconnect and relax with a fresh cup of coffee as you Facetime or Zoom with friends,  virtual meetings with clients or colleagues,  

Friends.  Coffee. Awesome.

Be Social - at 6 feet (not like the picture!). Or Take a Break.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch  on your own, or with friends.  Or start your day with your crew.  That's what happens at essen.